Automate Routine Programming

Supported on MacOS for these text editors:

Optic understands your code

Advanced pattern matching lets Optic recognize and document many types of code.

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"method": "get", "url": "/hello", "parameters": [ { "in": "query", "name": "firstname" }, { "in": "query", "name": "lastname" } ], "responses": [ { "code": 200 } ]

Smart code generation

Functional Boilerplate derived from the code in your project.


Combined, Optic's ability to read and generate code helps keep interconnected code in sync. Pull requests are created to propagate changes throughout all your repos.

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Spend your time on novel code, let Optic handle the rest. Start using Optic

By Developers for Developers

Open Source

Our code is open for all to use under the MIT License

Runs Locally

All processing is done locally so no code ever leaves the client


Optic can be taught how to work with any type of code


Which IDEs Does Optic Support?

Our community has built support for Atom, VSCode, Sublime and all the JetBrains IDEs

Can I modify code generated by Optic?

Absolutely. Optic was designed to collaborate with developers. You can add your own code wherever you want and Optic will still be able to work with it.

How does Optic work?

You can learn more about the technology in these docs.

What languages does Optic support?

Right now we support most flavors of JavaScript. More languages are coming soon. We can add others for your team in a few days if you sign up for a team account.

Will Optic work code I've already written?

Yes. You can start using Optic on a brand new project or integrate it into existing projects.

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