Get Backed by the Experts

Our experts have been working on automating development for years and have a good intuition about how to achieve the greatest gains through automation. Once you sign up for a team account we will work closely with your organization to make your developers happier and more productive.

Optic has already helped teams:

  • Free up valuable developer time
  • Speed up their release cycles
  • Automatically generate unit tests
  • Sync code between their backend and frontend
  • Migrate legacy code to modern libraries

Google & Facebook have built internal tools like Optic.
Now you can bring that same power to your team.

Enforce Standards

Use the most advanced linting available to help your team write great code and stick to their conventions.

Multi-Repo Support

Use Optic with multiple repositories. Supports referencing entities in other repos and syncing between projects.

Private Skills

Publish skills and conventions to your own private Optic repository so you can include them in all your projects.