Keep your APIs in Sync

Modern enterprises are run by hundreds of APIs and microservices. With thousands of individual points of contact, it’s inevitable that a changing API will break important services. Optic uses code analysis and program synthesis to propagate necessary API changes throughout your organization leading to:

  • Faster releases
  • Reduced bugs in production
  • Less downtime

Google & Facebook have built internal tools like Optic.
Now you can bring that same power to your team.

Realtime Monitoring

Optic detects every API change on check-in and lets you know which other services will be affected. Progress is tracked automatically as teams make required updates to their code. When it’s finally safe to release the API changes Optic can coordinate the deployment.

Automatic Notifications

Say goodbye to internal memos. When Optic detects an API change it will automatically email affected teams a suggested pull request to update their code. We incorporate analytics from git to determine which developers are responsible for making each set of updates.

API Discovery

Optic indexes every repository in your organization and makes each API searchable across teams. When you select an API, Optic will generate the code used to connect to it. API Discovery never gets stale as it’s automatically kept up to date by Optic.

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