Get Involved

Some of the most valuable contributions to an open source project are written in prose, not code. Developers taking the time to share their feedback, perspective, and ideas with the broader community are the oxygen of big projects like Optic.

Share feedback + ideas#

We develop Optic out in the open, trusting that many of the people who try Optic will take a few minutes to share their feedback and ideas for improving the project. Everything you like about Optic grew out of a conversation with a user who took the time to write us.

Document how to use Optic with your Stack#

When the community starts using Optic with a new framework or tool it's considered helpful to go document the pattern/approach you used. There are guides for Flask, Express, Laravel, Spring, Rails, and many other API Frameworks. Add another or expand upon an existing one. These have really helped developers from all backgrounds get Optic working with their projects.

Contribute to a Guide

Open issues or Contribute Code#

The maintainers are active on GitHub and respond to every issue. If you’re interested in writing code and contributing to Optic, a good first step is to meet the core maintainers during Maintainers office Hours or introduce yourself on #contribute Discord channel.

Blog, Tweet or give a talk about Optic#

These really help grow the community. Posts that show readers how to use Optic with your favorite stack work particularly well and find a natural audience in those communities.