Optic Markdown CLI

On April 21st we released Beta 7 which support for our public registry to Optic. Now you can include knowledge in your project just by declaring the package you want in your optic.yaml file.

We also released updates to our optic-markdown cli that make it possible to publish your own packages to our public registry. To learn more about publishing knowledge publicly or to other members of your team check out our docs. Whether you’re ready to publish something right now or not everyone should make sure they create an account and reserve a namespace on our registry.

  1. Run “npm install optic-markdown -g”

  2. Then run “opticmd createuser”. That’s it, now you can publish to ‘yournamespace:packageName’ whenever you create a new package you’d like to share.

What’s Next

Getting the registry deployed took longer than expected but we still finished up our April roadmap 9 days ahead of schedule. This means we’re starting the sync feature this week and we plan to release it mid-May. There won’t be any material releases between now and then, but we will push up 1 or 2 releases to address any bugs that our Beta Testers discover.

After sync we’re going to spend some time making error handling less opaque and then polishing up Optic for the end of the Beta and her 1.0 release.

To our Beta Testers, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and insights with us day in and day out. Good stuff coming soon :)