Finished Sync

We’re very close to releasing Optic 1.0 and this week we added a bunch of powerful features across our suite of projects. We plan to publish a release candidate by Tuesday the 15th and our official 1.0 by the end of the month.

Optic App

  1. This week we finished the GUI for Optic’s sync feature. Here’s a quick video demonstrating how you would sync your app’s routes with your data models:
  1. The properties editor can now display and modify key/value pairs from objects.

Optic Markdown

  1. Schemas in Optic Markdown can now reference other schemas in the same markdown file. Before this update authors has to copy/paste shared schemas around the same markdown file. Now you can access other schemas by their name by using the “#/definitions/internal/” namespace in your references.

  1. Lenses now support initial values. These initial values then have all the other fields Optic extracts from the code applied on top of them. This can be useful if you have a lens that serves as an enum or if a lens implements a schema but does not assign some of its fields.

To use this feature add a key called initial in your Lens definitions and set it equal to a quoted JSON string. ie initial=“{…}”

es7 Parser

  1. JSX is now supported via Now you can build lenses that are made up of JSX Components.

Thanks for your support. T-2 days :)